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‘Detutu Events Place

‘Detutu Events Place gives a unique opposite view to the popular quote that “Nothing lasts forever” by creating mind-blowing priceless memories.

What we do

From the golden lights around the beautiful white silk layers on the walls to the glittering colours that invite more decoration according to the occasion; ‘Detutu Events Place stands out in the heart of Lagos.

From daybreak till sunset, we create priceless memories for your events with our top-notch professionals and exceptional client services.

We know the importance of creating beautiful memories, which is why we meticulously suggest the best theme to help build lasting priceless memories.

Our bespoke VIP lounges and elegant host lounges give that homely reception that relaxes and prepares the guests for their events.

About Us

‘Detutu Events

Detutu Events, a captivating venue designed to bring your events to life. With a perfect blend of modern aesthetics and functional elegance, Detutu offers a versatile space for weddings, corporate gatherings, and social occasions. Its strategic location provides convenience, while the state-of-the-art facilities ensure a seamless event experience.

From intimate celebrations to grand galas, Detutu Events can be customized to suit any occasion. The experienced team takes care of every detail, from décor setup to catering, leaving you free to enjoy your special moments.

Detutu's commitment to excellence extends beyond its aesthetic appeal. Their professional staff and top-notch services guarantee a memorable event. Whether it's a wedding, conference, or celebration, Detutu Events is the canvas on which your unique event vision comes to life.


  • 20 Years of Experience

  • 250+ Wedding Planner

Afolabi Adetutu
. Detutu Events Place

Wedding Dates

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1. Switzerland
{September : 2023}


2. Italy
{October : 2023}


3. Amsterdam
{November : 2023}


4. Spain
{December : 2023}


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